Angel Sanctuary Holistic Healing Centre

"A Place To Experience Better Health Without Medication"

Life is a journey, not a destination!

It’s an age old adage that is still as relevant today as when it was penned. Few phrases suits Josephine Gallagher and the Angel Sanctuary journey as well. A holistic healing and treatment centre nestled in the quiet hills at the foot of the Sperrins, Josephine and the Angel Sanctuary celebrate 10 years since the centre opened and they both, by Josephine’s own admission, are still on their journey.

As a mother to four young children and troubled with ill health, Josephine took the courageous decision to leave a secure job as a Psychiatric Nurse that she had worked hard to achieve! Prompted by her gut instinct that told her that this was not her destination and having experienced the benefits of complimentary therapies personally, Josephine, with the support of her husband Raymond, made the conscious decision to leave her “career” and follow her heart. And so in August 2006, her dream was born and with the continued support of a handful of Clients, the Angel Sanctuary opened its doors providing a range of therapies such as Aromatherapy, Australian Bush Flower Remedies, Reiki, Reflexology, Colonic Hydration Therapy, Colour Therapy, Flotation Therapy, Hopi Ear Candles, Kinesiology, Life Coaching and Transformational Healing.

The Angel Sanctuary was opened to become a place where everyone could experience better health without medication and that has held true ever since. Complimentary therapies are a method of enhancing the ordinary life, by keeping one at the peak of their energy and creativity. Illness does not arrive suddenly, though it may seem to do so: it is usually the build up of stress, physical or emotional, leading to the imbalances in the body/mind system which ultimately leads to physical symptoms. Regular maintenance with any complimentary therapy can prevent this build up from occurring. Whatever the symptoms any of the therapies balances the body and puts it in the optimum state to heal itself, by removing negative stresses, be they physical, chemical or emotional. With word of mouth alone, the Angel Sanctuary grew and with it, its customer base.

Josephine explains, “The Angel Sanctuary has grown with me and I am eternally grateful to the many people who have supported me over the years and I am fortunate that I can now call these people friends. I have witnessed the growth in them and I feel honoured to have been part of their journey. I firmly believe that each and every individual has the innate ability to heal oneself and that I and the Angel Sanctuary are merely the facilitators of healing. Time and time again I am told that the beauty of the Angel Sanctuary is in the peace, unconditional love and non judgemental surroundings that encourages the individual to be at peace, to have courage and follow their heart along their own path of healing or growth. When we opened 10 years ago I could never have imagined our journey and I feel privileged to have shared in the journey of others.”

Josephine's traditional approach to health is centred on treating the whole unit - mind, body and spirit and as Josephine has grown as a holistic healer, so too has the range of treatments on offer. Having gained advanced spiritual training from the Modern Mystery School in London, Josephine and the Angel Sanctuary now offer Life Activation. Josephine explains "This is the 22-strand DNA Activation that awakens your divine blueprint and heightens your connection with your Higher Self. It also enables you to bring in and hold more Light (positive energy) in your physical body, empowers you to maximize your potential to bring forth unrealized talents and abilities, and gives you more energy and clarity. It begins a process of releasing unconscious patterns (old emotional traps we fall into), while increasing your ability to use more of your brain and clears family and genetic karmic patterns. In addition to the Life Activation, this session also includes several energy alignments to help you achieve a sense of peace and a vibrational elixir that will assist in the facilitation in the energy clearing."

Another treatment that has enhanced the Angel Sanctuary experience has been the Emotional Cord Cutting. Josephine continues, "There are energetic cords that connect us to everyone in our lives, past and present, through which people can “pull” on your energy, leaving you feeling tired and off-center. The Emotional Cord Cutting disconnects these emotional cords so you stop losing energy to other people. An Emotional Cord Cutting is a helpful tool to get rid of the negativity that resides in relationships. Many people question, “is this going to cut the person out of my life?” and the answer is no, it will not cut someone out of your life, only the negative aspects that reside between the two of you. The healing gives both parties an energetic fresh start to build a stronger, and better relationship."

As a firm believer in empowering others, Josephine also runs regular courses including a Diploma in Reflexology, an accredited 12 month course with the Federation of Holistic Therapists. A highly popular course, Josephine takes it as the highest compliment when a client experiences the benefits of Reflexology so much so, that they enrol to become a trained reflexologist. The Angel Sanctuary is also the home to many other courses, presentations, talks and meeting place for like-minded individuals, all of which are promoted via personal recommendation.

Appointments with Josephine in The Angel Sanctuary can be made by calling +442880771475 and a full treatment list can be sought at Also stay connected at

Josephine Gallagher